Venue: Hilton 31 Ocean Ballroom

    Many of those who have chosen to live in our community have also chosen to make their professions in ways that provide valuable and critically needed services to all of us.  They do this every day - quietly, efficiently and effectively. The Neptune Festival has established a program to recognize these organizations each year through representatives chosen by their organizations’ leaders.
    They are the defenders of our community and our country, our soldiers and police officers, sailors and firefighters, marines, airmen, emergency medical service volunteers and coast guardsmen, and they are those who teach our children.  What they do for us all is epic in the truest sense - they are our hometown heroes.


    The Neptune Festival invites you to celebrate excellence at Neptune's Final Toast in honor of our Hometown Heroes. Local heroes will be honored during a Sunday breakfast by the sea in the Peacock Ballroom of the Hilton Virginia Beach Oceanfront.


    Please call the Neptune Festival office at (757) 498-0215 by September 20th for more information.  $25.00/Adult, $15/Children under 12





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