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    The Neptune Festival invites you to celebrate excellence at Neptune's Final Toast in honor of our Hometown Heroes. Local heroes will be honored during Boardwalk Weekend at a Sunday breakfast by the sea.
    If you would like to attend, please call the Neptune Festival office at (757) 498-0215 by September 21st for more information.  $25.00/Adult, $15/Children under 12
    Many of those who have chosen to live in our community have also chosen to make their professions in ways that provide valuable and critically needed services to all of us.  They do this every day - quietly, efficiently and effectively. The Neptune Festival has established a program to recognize these organizations each year through representatives chosen by their organizations’ leaders.
    They are the defenders of our community and our country, our soldiers and police officers, sailors and firefighters, marines, airmen, emergency medical service volunteers and coast guardsmen, and they are those who teach our children.  What they do for us all is epic in the truest sense - they are our hometown heroes.


    Neptune Festival 2014 Hometown Heroes


    Sergeant First Class David E. Stover, II | United States Army

    Drill Sergeant David Stover is a Richmond, Virginia native who bears the prestigious title of U.S. Army Drill Sergeant of the Year, 2013. Sgt. 1st Class Stover is a highly decorated cavalry scout that deployed twice to Iraq, and has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart and two Meritorious Service Medals. He is a single father with one daughter.


    Corporal Samantha Florke | United States Marine Corps

    Corporal Florke is a native of Toms River, New Jersey and has been a Marine since 2011. As a logistician, she was assigned first to Okinawa and volunteered to additional duties in Afghanistan, where she played a significant role in safely removing materials in preparation for the troop withdrawal. Following her deployment there, she returned to Okinawa and was later transferred to Marine Corps Security Training Regiment, Training Company in Chesapeake. Corporal Florke, in her relatively short time in the corps, has established a well-deserved reputation for professional excellence and selfless volunteering.


    Air Traffic Controlman Third Class (AC3) Chloe Mason | United States Navy

    Petty Officer Mason is stationed at Fleet Area Control and Surveillance Facility, Virginia Capes, tracking and coordinating the literally thousands of aircraft that fly in and around the area, as well as ships in the waters adjacent to Virginia. She is lauded as a true professional at her craft, a task that requires strict and constant attention, and the ability to make important decisions quickly and decisively. She is also a tireless volunteer in several elements of the community, particularly the Neptune Festival.


    Staff Sergeant Justin Limos | United States Air Force

    Staff Sergeant Limos graduated from Dixon High School, California in 2007 and enlisted in the Air Force in 2008. As a Financial Analyst, he served a tour at Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, a seven-month assignment in Southwest Asia and is now assigned to the 633rd Comptroller Squadron at Joint Base Langley-Fort Eustis. His career has been highlighted by meticulous financial methods, dedication to excellence, and a robust history of extra-career volunteering.


    Mr. John Burkard | Virginia Beach Emergency Medical Services

    Mr. Burkard has been an EMS volunteer for two years. In addition to his regular duties with the Ocean Park Volunteer Rescue Squad, he spear-headed a drive to replenish supplies and equipment to a sister EMS Company on the Eastern Shore, which had been severely overtaxed as a result of a serial arsonist, responsible for more than 70 fires. His efforts resulted in an astonishing collection of supplies and finances, significantly easing the lot of his colleagues.


    Master Police Officer Christopher Foxwell | Virginia Beach Police Dept

    Officer Foxwell was awarded the Medal of Valor for his courageous acts during a house fire in Virginia Beach. Responding to the event, he learned that family members were still inside the blazing building. With no regard for his own safety, he and other officers re-entered the building in an effort to rescue those trapped inside. His efforts represent the very best of law enforcement, and the quality of Virginia Beach officers.


    Bevin Reinen | Virginia Beach Schools Teacher of the Year

    "Bevin Reinen is the child whisperer, “Three Oaks principal Lisa Hannah wrote in her nomination of Reinen. "She understands and speaks the language of children and she makes a difference with her students, staff and parents." According to Hannah, Reinen goes above and beyond to work with her students and research the best practices available to help develop them as learners. She serves as an after-school tutor for students performing below grade level expectations and is working to achieve National Board Certification as an Early Childhood Generalist. Reinen also founded, an educational website that focuses on the academic, social and emotional growth of early childhood learners.


    2014 Guest Speaker


    Rear Admiral Scott Moore

    Rear Admiral Scott Moore is one of the nation’s most ledendary, and most unknown, heroes. As the commander of the Naval Special Warfare Gevelopment Group (DEVGRU), he led the military’s most elite forces during one of the most dangerous times in our history. Throughout his 30 years in the Military, Moore directed more than 2,000 missions and saw on the frontlines what most commanders only hear about in reports. He has been deployed across the globe, and his experience runs the gamut from leading small groups to large scale tactical planning. Larger than life, Moore has commanded at every level, and from the mountains of Afganistan to briefings in the oval office, he is the man our Nation’s leaders trust when failure is not an option. 


    Moore led SEAL teams during the marquee moments of our nation’s history- such as Desert Storm, Just Cause (Panama), Bosnia, Mongadishu, 9/11, and Haiti. He was the commander of a Joint Special Operations Task Force conducting more than 2,000 high-risk raids against key enemy leaders. Additionally, he commanded several critical, no fail hostage rescue operations, both in Afganistan and off the coast of Somalia. The daredevil rescue became the basis for both Captain Richard Phillips’ book A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALs, and Dangerous Days at Sea and the 2013 movie Captain Phillips


    Since commanding DEVGRU, Moore has held increasingly complex leadership roles. He served as the Director of Counter-Terrorism at the National Security Council and the Deputy Director For Special Operations at the Pentagon. He has put his invaluable strategic leadership experience to work in dealing with constantly shifting allegiances and allies who do not necessarily share the same priorities as the United States. Most recently, Moore served as the deputy commander of Naval Special Warfare, where he recruited, trained, equipped, and deployed our nation’s most elite. 







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